Surefire EFI Never Touch a Needle Valve

Exclusive SureFire™ EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology combines finely-tuned software and sophisticated sensors so the engine gets the perfect flow of fuel no matter where or what you fly. The all new Evolution 62GXi engine, for example, has a specifically designed SureFire EFI throttle body unit in place of where you might find a conventional carburetor. The big difference is that there are no needle valves to adjust. Ever! So your engine gets the right flow of fuel, right from the start to assure a successful break-in process, reliable performance and longer engine life. Despite its advanced technology, it's just as simple to use as it is to enjoy thanks to great features such as:

  • Easy initial setup
  • High-quality materials and lightweight design
  • SureFire EFI and the Evolution electronic ignition units work together and share the same 7.4V Li-Po battery
  • Remote primer equipped
  • No required adjustments after setup
  • Includes an in-line filter to assure a pure flow of fuel
  • Engine gets the perfect flow of fuel regardless of conditions, throttle position or your flying style